Businesses are constantly looking for technological solutions to increase efficiencies. Solutions that are relevant today are becoming redundant tomorrow due to the fast pace of innovation in the technological space. Upgradation is creating a time lag for vendor procured products creating new challenges

western consulting along with its partners has the capability to design, implement and continuously improve it solutions.

Our Domains Expertise

We build lasting relationships between candidates & businesses.


Human Resource

Information Technology





Sales & Marketing

Oil & Gas


Personality Development

We provide you with different resources from interpersonal skills, to leadership skills and more, which can help you develop the skills you need in your everyday life. Whether you are a student, or job seeker, you will benefit from the helpful information from our Trainers.

We provide thousands of courses on a range of subjects from software development, designing, web development, business, etc. And the trainer is experts in their field.

The courses on western consulting live programs are cheap and can be accessed anywhere in the world. Also, you could get help from instructors from all over the world with this personal development program. Moreover, before purchasing a course, you could check the curriculum, requirements, students’ reviews, and much more information about the course with the demo.

Sales and Marketing

We Are An Integral Part Of Driving Our Customers Growth By Providing The Most Accomplished Sales, Business Development, And Marketing Professionals Who Have A Track Record Of Performing Well Over Their Quota.


I. Life Events

The Life Events Guides offer sound, expert advice on a variety of financial situations that your individual and business clients are likely to encounter over their lifetimes. The broad range of topics includes everything from “Getting Married” to “Improving Your Retirement.”

II. Business Strategies

The Business Strategies Guides provide valuable suggestions, including tax planning, on improving a client’s business operations through every stage of the company’s growth.

III. Tax Strategies for Businesses

The Tax Strategies for Businesses Guides provide information on suggested tax-savings opportunities that business clients turn to you to implement.

IV. Tax Strategies for Individuals

The Tax Strategies for Individuals Guides provide information on suggested tax-savings opportunities that individuals turn to you to implement.

V. Investment Strategies

The Investment Strategies Guides provide general, non-controversial information on the various forms of investments. There are no recommendations of specific investments so the articles are compliant with NASD regulations.

Management / Hr

At western consulting HR, we are dedicated to simplifying the human resource issues and challenges that come with running a small-to-midsize business. We help your entire team—everyone from the business owner, to the HR manager, to individual employees—make their lives easier by partnering with them as a PEO. That means we work to get you on track with all aspects of HR, including compliance, liability, financial predictability, and benefits administration.

If you’ve checked out the western consulting blog and wonder if a PEO partnership might be a good choice for your business, a free consultation is a great way to decide.

During the call, we’ll:

Learn about your company and your current HR practices.

Identify your company’s HR challenges.

Share the western consulting service model and information about partnering with a PEO.

Following this conversation, we’ll know the next steps to continue the dialog—gather info to prepare a quote for a partnership with us. After that, we prefer to present the quote in person—after all, we’re in the people business, and we want to meet you!

western consulting HR


Massachusetts Department of Family and Medical Leave

HR Dive

U.S. Department of Labor

National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO)





Whether you are a human resource function or a recruitment business, our recruitment process services are for you.

western consulting has the capability of offering a holistic solution or providing a tailored solution according to your business need.

Key Component

Dedicated recruiters and scalable resources

The service provider manages process and compliance

Strategic reporting and analysis

Applicant Tracking System

Selection Process

Select the best talent Across the Globe

At western consultings HR Services, we understand the importance of filling up a vacancy whether it’s a new or a replacement position.

  • Attract

Understand role context

Advertise in online and offline channels

  • Source

Source candidates via response to ads and from own database

  • Screen

Screen candidates using context matching algorithms

  • Assess

Identify right candidate with technical and cultural matches.

Coordinate with the Client through the selection process.

  • Select

Continuously engaging with the candidate till joining.

Proven method for notifying the unsuccessful candidates while protecting the brand